In loving memory of Lexi

In loving memory of Taco

In loving memory of Wilson


In loving memory of Eve

My Precious Evening Stardust (Eve)
June 17, 2007 – September 6, 2020
My Eve – you were a princess. The most precious thing that has ever come into my life. I’ve never met a more beautiful dog nor will I ever again.  You were so smart, so sassy, and you loved everyone – especially men. If there was a man in a room full of women – you knew that and would seek him out.
You were so loved by so many.  Everyone that met you, adored you.  I was truly blessed to have you in my life these last 10 years. I will never know another Evie – my camping buddy, my princess, my soul.
EveRIP and be free my little one until we are together again.
Love, Your Mom, Micki, Naddy, Nala, Charlie and Boston

In loving memory of Guapo

“Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives.” – John Galsworthy

November 28, 2018

Our sweet Guapo has left us.  He was a beloved BCCR Alumni and will be forever missed.  Run and be free at the Rainbow Bridge, Guapo.  Till we see you again, we won’t forget you.

Our condolences to your Mom and Dad, Aimee and Steve.

~The BCCR Team

In loving memory of Bug

Dearest little Bug,

It was love at first sight, and I know that I was meant to be your mom. You were my very first dog, my best doggy friend and the doggy love of my life. You did so much for me and for so many other little dogs (as much as you disliked that part), and you instinctively taught Twiggy the ropes. Your sassy personality transcended our language barrier and we had a very special connection; a way of knowing and a friendship that I still feel and will always treasure. You were bossy, determined and sometimes painfully persistent, but fiercely loyal. When a treat was offered, you snatched it up right away – just in case. Your perfectly timed double bark, chicken brock brock sounds, truffle pig snuffling, snoring (no two snores were ever the same) and goofy little waddle were unique to you and were just a few of the immeasurable number of things that I adored about you. One of your many nicknames was “The Iron Lady” because you seemed impervious to illness, but devastatingly, after somewhere in the neighbourhood of seventeen years of resistance, all of your parts decided to give up at once. You still fought valiantly to stay with us and you stoically endured all of the things that needed to be done to keep you going and as comfortable as possible. I was so lucky to have that precious extra time with you, but still my heart wasn’t ready when, on that very snowy night in late December, you let me know that you were ready to go.

Tiny Buglet, I loved you your whole life. I will miss you for the rest of mine. All my love, thoughts and hugs until we meet again.

Love, your very lucky mom (and Twiggy too) xoxo



In loving memory of Petie

pete2It is with great sadness that we must announce that we lost our sweet Petie this week. He was a BCCR Alumni and was loved and cherished by everyone that knew him.  Our hearts are forever broken but we know we will see you again in heaven, our sweet Pete.

–RIP sweetheart.  Love from your Mommy Sharon and Dad Jeff, Auntie Mary; and all of from all of us here at the BCCR

“It came to me that every time I lose a dog, they take a little piece of my heart with them. And every new dog who comes into my life gifts me with a piece of their heart.  If I live long enough, all of the components of my heart will be dog and I will become as generous and as loving as they are. ~ Anonymous”

In loving memory of Boston

We lost one of our own today.  Our sweet Alumni, Boston.  Words can not describe our sadness at knowing he is gone. We will never forget you, little man.  You were so very special.

–RIP.  Love from all of us here at the BCCR

“Our pets lead us from patience to love and then to loss . . . but it’s always a journey worth taking.”

In loving memory of Chaquita (Quita)

A donation was made in the memory of lovely Quita.

Quita Benson – You were a very sweet and loyal little girl.  We will miss you.

—We will miss you forever.  Your family.

In loving memory of Marti

A donation was made in loving memory of Marti (Martini) who went to doggie heaven February 15, 2016.

Survived by his pal Tia (adopted from BCCR). He was a sweet boy and brought many years of joy to his human family and his Auntie Janet.

May you rest in peace little one.