Lexi came into my life when I went for my adoption interview with her. That tail did not stop wagging and she just wanted to jump into my lap for a snooze. That was in 2009. We believed she was about 6 years old, but acted like a puppy.

When Maddy joined our pack, for the first few days, Lexi kept giving me that “What were you thinking!?” look, but warmed up to her new little sister. They’d compete for lap time, but Maddy knew that it was Lexi’s lap to rule.

Even at 18, that little propeller on the back end would wag and wag whenever her favorite treats came out. Whenever we were off leash, Lexi would wander along, stop, look back to see that we were still following her, then continue on her merry way. After chasing her thru all sorts of terrain, I knew I would be carrying her back, because she was tired from the adventure. The ears were always up, checking for noises, even when she was being carried.

Her little heart finally gave out, and the hike across the Rainbow Bridge started on July 13th. Breathing was hard, movement was difficult, the time had come.

Rest well my little sweetheart, may you meet some of my friends who have gone before you. May that tail never stop wagging, may that bounce be in your step when the treats come out.

Love always from your Dad (and all of us here at the BCCR).  We will never forget you.