WilsonIn loving memory of Wilson

Wilson (aka Willie Wilson) was such a gentleman; he had the most beautiful coat and took pride in his manners. He was pretty aggressive towards males and we felt that was due to his previous humans, however it did lessen to some degree as his trust became stronger. He and I connected, and he would follow me everywhere, bathroom, kitchen, bedroom…it didn’t matter to Wilson.

Once we brought in Gigi (she is a senior too) he struggled with jealousy, and we had to give him even more attention or he would be so hurt. Little did we know that he had been suffering with so many ailments (Arthritis and stomach/weight issues and fear) hence the aggression and need for alone time (he would often hide out under our bed.

When we received his cancer diagnosis, we were devastated to realize the extent of his pain and suffering. We made the decision to let him go in peace, to free him of that pain, we believe he is in a better place, chasing the flies he so despised and running with the other pups, free to be himself at last.

We miss you Wills, so long little man, see you in our memories. XO